Redeeming gift vouchers:

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If you won a gift certificate from a silent auction or fundraiser, you will not redeem your gift certificate with this button. Instead, redeem your gift certificate here by clicking "Promotion code" and entering your unique code.

All gift vouchers below are for standard booking hours (evenings + weekends). If you would like to purchase a gift voucher for Corporate Hours, please contact us by e-mail to do so.

Buying Gift Vouchers:

Please keep in mind that gift vouchers expire one year from the date of purchase. Gift vouchers cannot be redeemed after the expiration date.
Once you purchase a gift voucher, you will receive an email with a unique 6-alphanumeric code as well as the expiration date. Again, gift vouchers expire one year from the date of purchase, so we recommend giving your gift as soon as possible!

Gift Voucher template

After you have purchased a gift voucher, if you would like to present your recipient a physical gift voucher, please feel free to use our template below!

When filling out the gift voucher, please remember to include:
  • The unique 6-alphanumeric code
  • The number of tickets that the gift voucher is worth
  • The expiration date of the gift voucher

A PDF version of this gift voucher is available here.