I have a question about…

Do we need to make a booking?

We highly recommend making a booking. If your group walks in and our schedule is booked, we will unfortunately not be able to take your group.

Can I make my booking private?

For standard bookings, the only way to ensure your booking is private is to purchase all the tickets in a room.

For corporate bookings, your reservation is private regardless of how many tickets you purchase.

How do I pay for my booking?

If your booking has the minimum number of participants, you will be prompted to pay at the end of the booking process.

If your booking has fewer than the minimum number of participants, your booking is not yet confirmed. Once your booking reaches the minimum number of participants, you will receive an email. There will be a “Pay balance” link at the bottom of the email that will allow you to pay.

When should we arrive?

We recommend arriving 15 minutes before your booking so that everyone has ample time to use the restroom and sign our waiver before entering the room.

Where do we park?

For our Downtown location, you are welcome to park in any of the street spots or in any of the lots. You will pay for your parking at a meter.

For our Memorial location, you are welcome to park in any of the spots in front of or behind the business.

What happens if we arrive late?

We have a 10-minute grace period. If your group arrives after 10 minutes past your booking start time, we will have deduct time from your hour.

Will we really be locked in?

No, for your safety, you will not actually be locked in the room. Additionally, in our escape rooms there will be a facilitator that will assist you in the case of an emergency.

Can we bring things into the room?

You will be asked to lock away your belongings before entering the room. We ask that you store away your cell phones and other electronic devices. Food and drink is not allowed in the room.