Corporate Events

Our Escape Room Missions

Our corporate events feature the same escape room challenges available during our retail bookings but include additional opportunity to focus on team work among your group in a private event setting. We have hosted teams from large Fortune 500 companies, schools, non-profit organizations, and small to mid-size firms. Houston Escape Room corporate events are a great opportunity to learn more about how your team interacts and works together under pressure!

See below for more information about which of our options will best meet your teams' needs. If you have any additional questions or requests, please contact us through phone or email.

Booking Options for Corporate Bookings

Time Slots and Privacy

Tuesday-Friday, Corporate bookings are 90 minutes for the Team Bonding package and 120 minutes for the Team Building package. Corporate hours include Tuesday through Thursday, 10 am to 6 pm. (Want to book later on the weekdays or any time on the weekends? Book our Standard Bookings here.)

Corporate Bookings are private; tickets that are not purchased are not available for anyone else to purchase. Each escape room your group reserves will only include members of your party in it. Corporate bookings allow you to sync up escape room games so that you can run more than 1 group at a time, if you have a large group.

If your team would like to book in the evening on the weekdays or any time on the weekends, please book our Standard Bookings here. Unlike Corporate Bookings, Standard Bookings have staggered start times and are open to the public.

Package 1: Team Bonding

  • For teams between 2-47 people
  • Large teams may need to be split into multiple groups that will attempt different challenges simultaneously.
  • $35/person
  • Length of booking: 90 minutes

Package 2: Team Building

  • For teams between 4-11 people
  • The team will be all in 1 room. Rooms available will depend on group size. The team size must still meet the room minimum for the room used.
  • Includes Team-Building Discussion, with refreshments and snacks provided
  • $50/person
  • Length of booking: 120 minutes

Available Missions

  • Episode 1: Mo's Safehouse (4 - 10 people)
  • Episode 2: Grandma Codebreaker (4 - 10 people)
  • Episode 3: The Scarlet Scam (4 - 10 people)
  • Episode 4: Dark Side of the Moon (4-11 people)
  • Episode 5: The Countdown (2-6 people)

Conference Room Usage

Our conference room can comfortably host groups of up to 20 people. It can be rented for 1 hour immediately before or after your corporate booking for lunches, meetings, and presentations. Rate: $100/hr.

Requests to rent the conference room is dependent upon availability the day of your booking. You'll be contacted within 48 hours on whether or not we can accommodate your needs after you make your booking request.

Please indicate in your booking notes when you'd like to book the conference room.

Corporate Bookings

Customer Testimonials

"The staff at the Houston Escape Room has been very supportive of our efforts to start a class on the topic of Escape Rooms. All of their employees work with students with confidence and enthusiasm. They have been very flexible regarding our scheduling needs and the needs of our students, and willing to make our visits out to their location a fun and educational time for all involved. Their team of designers who came out to speak with our class were spot on with their topics of discussion, explaining to students about their roots and how they systematically create and test their rooms. The presentation was especially impressive to me due to the interactive examples, which engaged our classes of 40 6th, 7th and 8th grade students with ease. Our students have always been treated with kindness and respect from the staff, which helps motivate them to work harder and longer on their assignments in our class. Thank you Houston Escape Room!"

Sara Styskel
League City Intermediate School

"I had a great experience working with Houston Escape Room for two corporate functions, one with a 30 person work group and another for a 20 person non-for-profit group. The staff was very accommodating with both groups which had different needs. We were able to setup breakfast and drinks in one area of the facility while using the main conference space to hold our meetings. It was nice having multiple spaces throughout the building for breakout groups as well. Both groups loved the Escape Room activity and the post-break out activity in which they went over their observations of how different participants interacted and the roles they took during the activity. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the friendly and helpful staff, the conference room facilities, and of course the fun Escape Room activity which is worth going to for a corporate function or just for fun. I’ll definitely hold functions there in the future."

Michael Sirimaturos
Houston Methodist Hospital and Society of Critical Care Medicine, Texas Chapter