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Solace in August


Solace in August

Hellooooo H.E.R. fans!

We’re kicking it in gear this month, for all you escape room junkies!

Just so you know:

Our Memorial location is up and running! Book a spot for Naval Warfare today!

We also have a promotion for 15% off, when you book a mission that falls on an Astros game day. Also, Tuesday through Thursday our ticket prices are $25.00! These offers are exclusively for our Downtown location.

And last but not least, Halloween is fast approaching, and we have something special for all of you... (creepy evil laugh).   

Starting October 12th, you will be able to purchase tickets for The Scarlet Ritual!

Yes, you should be afraid. Be very afraid….(another creepy evil laugh).

In this mission, you’re dead. Someone murdered you in cold blood, and it’s up to you to figure out who the culprit is. Perform a ritual to take over their body or bring them to justice.

Or choose any other punishment you feel is justified…..

Keep your eyes peeled, cause something frightening is brewing!

 - Agent Ingenue