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Employment Opportunity

Position:        Escape Room Facilitator

General Description:

Houston Escape Room (HER) is a new and growing company that serves a wide range of customers, from business professionals to friends and families, with a unique team building activity. HER is seeking responsible, hospitable, and personable facilitators to join our team.

Key Initial Responsibilities:

  • Opening and closing of the business
  • Welcoming customers and providing great hospitality
  • Maintaining organized Liability Waiver Files
  • Providing customer support by e-mail and phone
  • Miscellaneous Tasks and Support
  • Prepare for and present during weekly and quarterly reports
  • Maintain log of all tasks performed

Employee Expectations:

  • Have good communication and presentation skills
  • Have the ability to work in a fast paced environment
  • Be able to shift gears and focus on multiple things
  • Be able to work independently and in a team with others
  • Have high integrity and moral ethics at all times
  • Dress professionally
  • Keep personal calls and personal tasks to a minimum during work hours
  • Keep manager informed as to your work load
  • Keep all information related to any of the related Houston Escape Room companies, transactions, consultants, vendors, customers, or manager confidential
  • Abide by the confidentiality agreement

Please send cover letter to






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