Howdy, HER Community!

Agent Oculus here, ready to morph into what this month brought for our HQ and the inside scoops. First of all, I want to say we are so fortunate enough that our building was not affected by the floods of Hurricane Harvey. However, our Houston community and surrounding areas did get hit pretty hard. Seeing the out pour of love and support amazed me beyond belief. We are only one, but together we are strong. Seeing the community come together in such a difficult time has made the worst of days, become the greatest gift we could see; humanity at its best. So it is our priority to make each other smile more, have fun and most of all work together in solving life crisis or puzzles, ciphers and clues...OH MY!

As we gear up for the holidays to come, I am excited to announce our Halloween sessions will take place October 13th-31st, 2017. Feel free to click the link to see what sessions will be turned into the spirit of Halloween. We will also offer other session that are our normal sessions for those who choose not to participate in the holiday. We already have the sessions up and they are booking. So make sure to book your session now, before its too late. We are in the works of launching the promo video for the HER Halloween sessions, so be on the look out for that. Feel free to like, share and tag ALL your friends to come check out our rooms and see if you can escape! Also, our lobby is getting a mural face lift. Come check out the amazing Halloween mural designed by our dear Agent, Agent Voxel. He did it again, by creating a remarkable design and all the hidden items in the mural, come see if you can catch them all?!

We're also still being our silly selves at the HQ. If you're subscribed to our YouTube channel, you know we're experts in what we do. 

Before I sign off to teleport into another dimension, I just wanted to give a shout out to 2 of our Agents who are embarking on their own solo missions. Thanks Agent Coda and Agent Ca$h for making great memories and sharing smiles with you two, you will truly be missed. Good luck out there. 

Agent Oculus out! 

Halloween 2017