Checking in once again with the HER Community!

We have had A LOT going on lately, but one of the most exciting things would have to be our new addition to the family. The more the merrier, right? Sooooo with no further ado, BIIIIG shout out to Agent Coda, welcome to the HER team! 

Every now and then, we like to join forces as a team and go test our brains at other escape rooms. I don't think the competition knew what hit em! As two separate teams, we shattered the records and escaped in impressive fashion. Our team is stacked with the best Agents, so it's safe to say this type of thing is regular. 

We've made a crazy amount of changes for the Halloween season! Spooky stories, decorations, and of course CANDY! If you didn't get a chance to come by and check out our Halloween variances for our rooms, you'll have to wait another year. So don't miss out! On top of this, our costume contest is always fun! Be on the look out for those thing annually. As a matter of fact, here's our Halloween promo video!

As a team, we recently made a huge decision to increase our social media presence! What that means for our community is: more interaction, more entertainment, more fun. Whatever you, post, share, or tweet to us, we see it, we like it, and we respond to it. Something else that is really cool are our Facebook live streams. A small portion of us place ourselves on the front-lines of a funny challenge or game to entertain our fans. Sometimes it might be more chill where we talk straight to the community. On top of this, we announce any events or promotions that we have coming so that those who are interested can be informed. One of our upcoming live streams will actually be a variation of "Silent Library", so stay tuned. And if you haven't already, like us on Facebook! 

October 2016 Entry

-Agent Ocean 


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