Hi HER Teams,


Agent Blue here. Ever since Agent Yeti took down the Halloween decorations, there have been less ghosts floating around the HER agency. Perhaps it is a good thing, since our teams were mildly frightened by the specters while they were on their missions. Speaking of missions, our latest one, entitled Episode Three: The Scarlet Scam, will be available for all of you to try starting December 1st! We've also made a trailer for the mission composed of everything we know about Agent Scarlet. You'll definitely want to watch it to learn a little about how and why Agent Scarlet betrayed us.

With three different missions available, the HER agency will be more busy than ever. Many teams composed of the best and brightest will be coming through our front door to help us accomplish what will surely be difficult tasks for us agents alone. Your teamwork is, and always will be, profoundly essential to the HER agency’s operations. This said, we have thought of a small way to help you out on your own missions.

The HER agency recognizes that all of you will be on your own difficult mission in the upcoming month of December. Next month, many of you will be looking for the perfect gift for that team and goal­ oriented member of the family. Well, look no further than a Houston Escape Room gift voucher! Once you have purchased the voucher, print and fill out our stylish Gift Voucher Template so that you can gift the voucher to your loved one on December 25th!

I believe that is all I have to write to you all about. I look forward to leading you on our newest mission, and I wish you all a delicious turkey on your table on Thanksgiving!


Agent Blue