Hello, fellow escape room lovers!
This May, Houston Escape Room experienced a roller coaster of emotions:

  • A bit of sadness, as 2 of our beloved Agents were summoned to take on other secret missions. Our witty Agent X and tenacious Agent Incognito were both brave allies. Never to be replaced, and never to be forgotten. As one of Agent X’s favorite musicians once wrote, “May your neighbors respect you, trouble neglect you, angels protect you, and heaven accept you.” In the wake of their absence, we could use a few new Agents. Do you think you have what it takes? Click the link to see if you meet the standards that the H.E.R. Agency is looking for!
  • Joy and amazement as we celebrated 4 years of accomplished missions and bright smiles. Agent Raynor, the founder of H.E.R, showed his appreciation at our yearly anniversary celebration.

We had a blast! All the agents were divided into 2 teams to run through a few practice drills for a highly dangerous future mission. It takes work to keep our reflexes as sharp as they are! And afterwards Agent Raynor shouted, “Let them eat cake!”

  • Hope and anticipation for continued success, as we prep for the opening of our second location this Summer! Fingers crossed that all goes well! More top secret missions to come…

Remember, the force from knocking down one small block can lead to greater possibilities...and can knock down even bigger blocks.

Dream big!
- Agent Ingénue