Hello H.E.R. Community,

A very important date just passed for our Agency! But more on that in a bit.

Have you seen our Special Events page lately? Because something new has arrived – Special Agent Keys! You can get your hands on a Special Agent Key by ordering one of our Special Agent or Special Agent Plus packages. This key is special in that you can get it cut into a specific fit for personal use. Also, our Special Agent Plus packages are currently on sale for $45 dollars because…

The Houston Escape Room is now three years old! The Agents held an Anniversary Celebration dinner, after which Agents Raynor and Majordomo facilitated a surprise activity they had concocted, and it was a good one! The details about the activity have to remain confidential, but let’s just say the Agents were temporarily locked head-to- head in an imaginary battle over rough waters. Overall, the Agents were excited to spend some time together eating like piggies, being merry, and remembering all the missions we had been on in the past three years.

It’s not all reminiscing at the H.E.R. Agency, however. We’re currently preparing ourselves for the upcoming summer months. The summer season is the time when more of you from the H.E.R. Community will be coming in to attempt our missions. I highly recommend buying your tickets soon because they will be going fast. You can see our summer schedule as well as book on our website. I also recommend checking out the Minute Maid Park schedule to see if your mission will be running at the same time as an event there. If so, make sure to come early to you mission to find good parking!

I'm sure by now you know that the H.E.R. Agency is always looking to recruit the best and brightest Agents in the field. Our newest recruit is Agent Blue Heeler. She's a fan of dogs and cookies. She looks forward to leading you in your missions. We also have a few more Agents In Training. Lots of fresh faces her at the HQ. 

Finally, I’d like to let you know a fun fact about my first day as an Agent, three years ago. I was on a mission with my team when I was supposed to remind them of the time they had remaining before a knockout gas filled the room. Instead of saying “45 minutes remaining”, I said “45 missions remaining.” I was so embarrassed that I became “Agent Red” from blushing!

Until next time, 

HER Blog May 2017

Agent Blue