Hello, HER Community. 

It's summer time. Time for classes to end, graduations to attend, vacations to travel to, and other celebrations galore.  

First, to answer the picture puzzle from last month's entry. The answer is 348 or 249. If you really need to know why it can be 2 different answers, Agent Majordomo will gladly provide a short explanation as to why. Were you able to solve it? 

While we're always busy locking up challengers, we have been trying out new things to provide more for you. We thanked teachers all around the world on Teacher Appreciation Day.  How many of you participated in our Astros' tickets giveaway? Stay tuned for more special giveaways in the future.  And of course we thanked the mother's of the world. Especially the ones that were locked in our escape rooms on Mother's Day.  

Don't think that we haven't been hard at work on our next escape room. Our 4th escape room should be done some time soon. Our Agents have been hard at work to get it up and running. You will definitely hear an announcement from us when it is ready.  

We here at the Houston Escape Room celebrated being a company for 2 years. We had a nice lunch together and participated in a few fun activities. If you've been reading our HER Facts on our Twitter, you know that some of the Agents like to dance. One Agent has danced for 2 consecutive years at our anniversary gatherings. Can you guess who? At this rate, will that same Agent end up dancing 3+ years in a row? 

Thinking back to a year ago, we're a much bigger family now. Not only that, we've learned so much from each other and from those that  have been coming through our doors. We've done so many things in those 2 years. We have been part of a pregnancy reveal, helped with a wedding proposal, had the opportunity to speak at schools, been on national television, and much more. From starting off in an home office to where we are now, we certainly have grown. If you've been there from the beginning, thank you for being part of our ever evolving growth.  

- Agent 84265 968