Hello to all, and thank you for stopping by to have a chat with us. We've got some hot information to share with you. 

First, thanks to everybody that participated in our March Madness campaigns! We wanted to try something for different types of groups as we see a wide variety of folks come through our doors. Did you participate in any of them? What kind of promotion would you like to see us run in the future? If you missed out on our March Madness, don't worry! April has got some super cool ideas for you. Sign up for that newsletter or follow us on the Gram! 

We hear y'all loud and clear. Thanks for all the feedback you've left for us! All the kind words, all the critiques, or even just leaving 5-stars...thank you. Keep telling us what you think and spread the word. You don't want your friends and fam sleeping on the Houston Escape Room! 

It's been a long time coming, and we are excited to share the amazing news! The Houston Escape Room will be opening a second location in Memorial! Everything is still in the works, so most information still remains top secret. Without spoiling anything, it's safe to say once you've experienced all that our original location has to offer, new experiences will await you at the new location! Be on the lookout for status updates, progress photos, and any new announcements. 

- Agent Ocean