Hello, HER Community. 


Did you enjoy your Spring Break? We enjoyed having more of you come to our Houston Escape Room headquarters. The missions are as challenging as ever and we'll have more to offer you soon. 


One thing we really pushed this month was our Spanish sessions. If you never knew, we have a version of Mo's Safehouse that is completely in Spanish. We even had a family come through and give their thoughts about it, which you can watch here. And to show that we really want you to experience, we dedicated our latest Facebook Live to it. If you haven't seen that, you missed out on the Agents playing Macho Nacho. It was hilarious. 


It was mentioned last month, but our latest escape room is still under construction. Agent Solaire, Chisel, Gig, and Yeti are cooking up something really good for you all. Get excited. 


New rooms means we need more Agents to help run these missions. Yes, we are hiring! If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming an elite Agent at the Houston Escape Room, please apply. Join our crew of mischievous misfits. 


While we give you monthly updates on what has gone on via this blog, we have a newsletter! If you sign up for it, not only will you be kept up to date on the latest things going on at HER, but you will be the first to know about beta testing our newest escape rooms, know when new rooms launch, and if we have any specials or deals going on. Sign up today for all of the confidential information.  


And I will end this blog entry to let you know that our Agent Pow-Poper will be going away on another special mission. If you ever had him as your facilitator, I'm sure you'll remember his smile and that he made sure you left with a smile on your face. See you later, Agent Pow-Poper.   

- Agent 768-76737