Hello, HER Community.

Within this past month, we Agents here at the Houston Escape Room have had some exciting days. We hope everyone had a great Easter and memorable St. Patrick’s Day. 

We have since welcomed Agent Obsidian and Agent Solaire into our ranks; we know they will do extraordinary things. I’m sure their skills and talents will be used to the fullest extent while with the agency. 

In other news, we continued to celebrate this month with the birthdays of two of our Agents; Agent Incognito, although you hardly see him while on a mission, he is one of the best we have and can be relied to have your back in the most dire of situations, and Agent Chisel, named so for his ability to Macgyver anything with his bare hands and his brilliant brain should you need something fixed he’s the agent with the can do attitude to help you. Happy Birthday to the two of you. 

Lastly, our Dearest Agent Blue made his debut and captured the hearts of everyone at this agency with his few lines on TLC: The Little Couple. No task was too tall for these skilled individuals, if you wish to watch them in action you can still catch up using various online platforms. 


Until next time, 
Agent Widdershins