Wassup, y'all! It’s the Summer, which means more free time to explore and try new things. We at the Houston Escape Room are so excited to see even more faces come through our doors this season! 

As you guys read in last month’s blog, we had several Agents In Training. But now we want to cordially welcome Agent Oculus, Agent X, and Agent Striker to the gang!! Y'all met Agent Blue Heeler already and she's going strong and holding her own with the other Agents. 

This month we also had SEVERAL birthdays. I don’t know what it is about Geminis and escape rooms but we are very happy to have our newest Agent in Training, Agent Obsidian, Agent Voxel, Agent Yeti, the O.G. Agent of the Houston Escape Room Agent Raynor, and Agent Husky Panda!! Happy Birthday to you all! If you happen to get one of them as your facilitator make sure to tell them Happy Birthday month lol.

We would also like to thank all of the amazing fathers who came to challenge themselves in our escape rooms on Father’s Day!

Someone has also been going nuts on our social media. Have you seen the crazy movie poster and videos that have been made lately? I don't think we're through with the silliness yet so stay tuned. 

Thanks to the efforts of the team working on our 5th escape room, the public should be expecting information about beta testing in July!! So make sure to be checking out or website and social media sites to get information on it. Beta testing is always at a discounted rate. We use that opportunity to get feedback and advice straight from our H.E.R community.

Summer is flying by, so make sure you take some time out to enjoy one, or all four of our amazing escape rooms! The challenge awaits you! 


- Agent Ca$h