Hiya HER community,

It’s officially summer time!! But if you are looking for some fun, not in the sun, come down to the Houston Escape Room. Don’t know which room to do? Check out our trailers here (HER Escape Room Trailers). Brand new Grandma Codebreaker trailer is up now.

Also, congratulations to Agent Incognito for his first official Spanish session. He did such a gneiss job. Felicidades, Agent Incognito! If you are looking to do a Spanish session with our 5-star rated facilitator click here (HER Spanish Sessions).

Lastly, June birthdays. Let's start by saying Happy Birthday to everyone that came so celebrate their birthdays with us; thank you for choosing the Houston Escape Room. Speaking of birthdays, Happy Birthday to our fellow Agents: Agent Obsidian (yes, me), Agent Yeti, Agent Voxel, Agent Raynor, and Agent Husky Panda. You guys rock!! (Hehe, rock joke)

Until next time…..


- Agent Obsidian

Question of the month: How many rock references did I make?  

HER June 2016 Blog