Greetings, HER Community. Agent Voxel here.

Many things have transpired at the Houston Escape Room in the full year since I last posted here - not the least of which is having brought on board our cool new Agent in Training. Welcome, newcomer!

Ah, the dog days of summer again - so named because in ancient times the dog star Sirius was prominent in the night sky in August. The seasons have since shifted, as have the common tongues - but the dog days are doggier than ever. So if you want to have fun away from the heat, our escape rooms are a great way to do so. Spoiler alert - you don't even need a towel! And we also had our first "Bring Your Pet To Work Week" where we had a few furry Agents help out. One of them also starred in our latest YouTube video! 

'V' is a great letter to begin your agent name with. It's also Latin for the number 5 - which by crazy coincidence just so happens to be the episode number of our newest room, Episode 5! We expect to be running our alpha testing soon. To find out how and when you and your friends can participate, sign up for our newsletter. 

And we also have had a sheer amount of craziness going on this summer on our social media. The Agents showed their passion for the hot summer movies coming out. Check them out! 

Our skunkworks department have also been hard at work out on the deep seas testing a fun new technology. Super secret stuff. I cannot divulge the true nature of just how much fun it is. We've even been keeping marine mammals away from the vicinity just in case our adversaries have worked out how to communicate with loud-mouthed dolphins. More will be forthcoming when it is ready. 

Stay tuned! 

July 2017 Blog

- Agent Voxel