Greetings HER community! Agent Voxel here. 

I send you this post from a field mission (not Houston Escape Room related) that has taken me across the country and into DC and NYC. I cannot divulge the exact nature of my mission, but it involves a lot of driving around in a dark blue SUV with tinted windows. It is difficult to look professionally covert in dark blue, but they did not have one in black at the rental place. 

As the summer heat bears down on us with the weight of medium-sized stellar mass at 93 million miles distance, we are all delighted to welcome the super-chill presence of our newest Agent, Agent Ca$h! We are looking forward to seeing her shine along with us. 

Speaking of stellar, we are also celebrating the one-year anniversary of another one of our agents, Agent  G.I.G. Thanks, G.I.G.! 

I was also asked to share an image with everyone. Unfortunately, I cannot translate the message on the image myself. Although I'm sure Agents Incognito and Obsidian would not give me something to share if it wasn't important. 

And now for a puzzle... 
One cube has six faces. 
Two cubes have twelve. 
Two cubes glued together have six faces exposed, four at double length. 
Three cubes forming an L have eight faces, and four as a corner have twelve. 
What two shapes - one of six cubes, the other of twenty - each having thirty exposed faces - interlock perfectly to form one large cube? 

Hint: It's hot out there! Go drink some water. Your brain needs water more than it does the answer to this puzzle. 

But if you absolutely must know, another Agent will reveal the answer in our next monthly post. 

Stay hydrated out there. 

- Agent Voxel 

July 2016 Blog