Hi, HER Community. 

It's a new year and the Houston Escape Room has some fun things to share with you! 

Dark Side of the Moon
This is our new escape room
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This room is definitely my favorite room hands down. It was not easy getting it up and running but thanks to Agent Chisel, Agent Gig, and the everyone else involved, Episode 4 is open to the public for booking! If you happen to see them when you come by, give them a high five.

Special Occasion? 
We host special events now

Below, more info! 

Yes! I know you all have been waiting patiently for this to finally come, but wait no more! If you or someone you know is having a birthday coming up you can request to make them a Special Agent! This will includes a lot of cool stuff like: one extra hint card, one t-shirt, and also an optional gift that they’ll have to find in the room. We offer many more cool things as well. To see what else we do for special occasions click here for all the information about Special Events.

If you need some help
No sweat, we have what you need
Unlimited hints. 

Agent Solaire has thought of an amazing idea of giving private teams the option of playing our escape rooms in Casual Mode. Rather than the standard hint card system that is currently in place, your facilitator may ask your team if you would like to play the game in Casual Mode. This mode allows your team to ask for as many clues as you’d like without the need of a hint card.  

Think of this post as the secret menu at a restaurant. 

In need of a gift? 
Want to know what it looks like? 
Look down for a glimpse! 



See you around, 

Agent Powpoper