Good evening HER Community, 


Despite the recent wound of Agent Scarlet's betrayal for all of us currently in the field, our headquarters shows no sign of vulnerability or loss of morale. Matter of fact, the holiday season has transformed our hideout into one of jolly tidings and Christmas cheer. From first glance, you wouldn't differentiate our intelligence agency quarters from a homely and cozy hangout. We've also noticed that some of our missions have subtle differences in response to December...

Regardless of the season, we're always looking for the best and the brightest to join our roster as full time front-line agents and facilitators. If you're wondering what you can bring to HER, or on the fence about whether to join our ranks, you may be interested in some newly discovered footage of our current agents discussing their motivations for joining HER. 

Finally, on behalf from all of us at the Houston Escape Room, we wish you the upmost happy and holly of holidays!

-Agent Gig