Hello, HER Community. 

I’m happy to announce that we have quite a bit of new and exciting things to share with you all. First and foremost, we recently posted an opportunity through Facebook Live to get a promo code for 20% off. You had to decode what the Agents were saying! Like our Facebook page so you can have a chance to win a promo code to reduce your next booking or free tickets! And while the promo code no longer works, you can click the link and try to figure out what Agents Yeti and Blue were saying. It was tough!  

Second, we have a Customer Spotlight this month. Ladies and Gentlemen… drum roll Put your hands together for… Danielle Fanfair! Shout out to Danielle for blogging about her experience with us. If you are interested in booking with us, check out Danielle’s blog to get a customer’s in-depth experience at the Houston Escape Room.

Third, ¡Tenemos nuestro primer cuarto completamente en español! We currently have our first room, Episode 1: Mo’s Safe House, completely translated into Spanish. We have three of the greatest Agents available to facilitate your Spanish session: Agent Incognito, Agent Widdershins, and Agent Striker. We have recently increased the number of Spanish sessions we have available to book throughout the week, so check out our website to sign up for La Casa De Mo.

Lastly, summer is coming to a close and October is approaching quickly. Three of our escape rooms will be Halloween themed from Friday October 13, 2017 through Tuesday October 31, 2017. They include Episode 1: Mo’s Torture Chamber (Mo’s Safe House); Episode 2: Grandma’s Poltergeist (Grandma Codebreaker); Episode 3: The Scarlet Ritual (The Scarlet Scam). Our Halloween sessions are already open for the public to book, so make sure to book as soon as possible before they all fill up.

Before I sign off, I would like to say a few words regarding the hurricane that hit Texas. It was devastating to see our community flooded and our people in need because of Hurricane Harvey. However, it was amazing to see people come together and offer their services to help the community. From all of us here at HER, we want to thank all of the Coast Guard, Military, Police Officers, Fireman, Rescue Teams, Shelters, First Responders, News Reporters, and all other volunteers from the community. We hope everyone recovers from this disaster better than before. #HoustonStrong

August 2017 Entry

- Agent Blue Heeler