Hello & Welcome, HER Community. 


Things have been moving quickly here at the Houston Escape Room. New people. Old people. An upcoming release. Surprise wedding proposals? Wrestling? This is just some of what’s been going on this month.


As we strive to provide better and more experiences for the HER community we require more and more Agents. So we have recently added a promising new member to the team, Agent Ocean. A name befitting an agent with depths of talent. We also welcomed back Agent Pow-poper to the team! A more seasoned HER agent that just couldn’t stay away.


Another great event that happened was another surprise wedding proposal. Obviously I can't give all the details of what happened, but the mission was successful. 


We are proud to announce that our fourth escape room is going through testing! The team is working it’s hardest to bring the community, what could easily be, our best room yet. Hopefully you will be seeing the fourth room very soon.


We just had an awesome contest here at HER with the help of 97.9 The Box and the WWE (From the Room to the Ring). 10 lucky people chosen by 97.9 got to come to the Houston Escape Room and “compete” for tickets to WWE Raw at the Toyota Center. The teams were told that whoever got out of their room first would win the tickets but 97.9 gave tickets to all of them. Telling them it was a competition just spiced things up a bit. It was a really fun night.


So one last thing before I let you guys go. I wanted to take a moment and mention what a great company culture we have at HER. Many of us are good friends outside of work and we do take the opportunity to hang out. So I am going to provide you with a rare photography of some of our agents out in the wild. In case you’re curious they are playing a game called Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes, where you have 1 person play a bomb tech and the rest are frantically helping him solve puzzles to disarm the bomb. Very funny and cool game that encourages cooperation and quick thinking. Maybe we can use this experience for the HER. 

August 2016 Blog Image

Until next time, 
Agent Solaire