Evening, HER Community. Agent Gig here reporting in for what's been happening this past month.

Agents, you continue to impress us! We've had two high score records this month. Expert team "The Octopus Passflora" have dethroned "Sloppy Brainfreeze Staff" in our record for the fastest team to get out of Episode 3: The Scarlet Scam with all gems and relics found, at 12:08. Not to be deterred, team "It's My Birthday" shaved down Episode 5: The Countdown's quickest escape time to 16:04. Let's see if you all can beat some more records coming up in May.

Agent Ocean and Agent Incognito have been hard at work in establishing ourselves as members of the Greater Heights Area Chamber of Commerce! We recently had our ribbon-cutting ceremony done right here in our rooms, and look forward to the connections and relationships we can build with the Chamber's members.

For the future in May, we'll be celebrating our 4th year anniversary, which Agents Blue Heeler, Solaire, and Striker have been developing the festivities for. We're also still well on our way building new experiences for our new location near Memorial City, which we'll have more updates on when the time comes.

We also want to wish Agent X all the best! He will be departing for his own solo mission as we close out the end of April. Hate to see you go X, but know we're all rooting for you.

Agent Gig, signing out.