Hey HER Community – 

Agent Ro here. 

We know it’s been a little quiet over here at the Houston Escape Room… perhaps a little bit too quiet… It’s time to start sharing with you all some of the schemes we have in the works. You can expect more communication coming from HER headquarters from our field agents to you via this blog in the near future.

We’ll be sharing information on a variety of topics: from funny stories in the rooms (that don’t give anything away of course) to special events.

Episode 3: The Scarlet Scam

The first thing we want to share is that we are so SO SO close to being able to start beta trial runs on Episode 3: The Scarlet Scam. There’s just this one thing that we’re trying to perfect to make sure that everything goes smoothly. I’ve already said too much.

Anyway, as usual, we’ll be running reduced rates for a few weeks until we can find the sweet spot for the difficulty level in this room. Episode 3 appears to be fairly challenging even for our staff… We’re Hiring! 

More info about this room from room designer, Agent 7227538, to come!


We also wanted to let those who love a good scare know that we’re going to be decorating our space with fun and gently spooky items. We will also be tweaking our rooms – the storyline, props, and clues to be more Halloweeny. Please direct all tricks and treats towards Agent Yeti, our hocus pocus maker.

Starting October 12th, our lobby will be decorated but not our escape rooms.

From October 23rd – October 31st, the escape rooms will be Halloween themed : )

Costumes are encouraged!

Agent Ro, out.

--- End of Communication ---