Houston Escape Room Facilitator Position

“My team didn’t make it out of the room, but I liked it so much that I started working here.”
          -Arnell Ragasa, Senior Facilitator
“I’ve found a new family at HER. Doesn’t even feel like work since I enjoy it so much. My team didn’t get out either. But now I get to watch other teams do it.”
          -Elizabeth Nguyen, Senior Facilitator
“I’ve always loved puzzles. I would even do three puzzles on top of each other and manage to put the pieces together. Similarly, HER challenges you with a multitude of puzzles all at once that you have to work out to complete your objective. It’s why I enjoy working here so much.”
          -Kristen Thompson, Senior Facilitator

General Description:

          Houston Escape Room (HER) is a dynamic and growing company that provides a unique team-building experience to a wide range of customers, from business professionals to friends and families.

          HER is seeking responsible, hospitable, and personable facilitators to join its team. Each member of the HER family is treated with the highest level of respect and is encouraged to speak up and ask questions. Through open communication, we provide an unforgettable experience for our customers to flex their creative muscles and for our employees to grow professionally.

Key Responsibilities:

● Greeting the customers and briefing groups
● Encouraging the customer groups and providing assistance
● Being attentive of the groups during the event and debriefing groups afterward
● Resetting the room in an efficient and timely manner
● Maintaining a clean and comfortable work environment
● Providing customer support by e-mail and phone

Employee Expectations:

● Be punctual to work and any team meetings
● Keep manager informed as to your workload and personal schedules
● Dress professionally
● Have strong communication and presentation skills with customers, manager, and other employees
● Be able to work independently as well as in a team with others
● Be able to multitask and to work in a fast-paced environment and adapt to changes
● Keep all information related to any of the Houston Escape Room companies, transactions, consultants, vendors, customers, and manager confidential
● Enjoy the tasks and have a good time!

To apply: Please e-mail info@houstonescaperoom.com with your cover letter and resume.

If you would like a PDF file of the job posting, you can find one HERE.