Why we do what we do

We love to bring people together.
We love to surprise you, wow you, and inspire you.
Often times, we’re the ones who are surprised, wow’ed and inspired by the crazy… awesome ideas you come up with.

What makes us happiest is knowing that our escape rooms make people think outside of the box and work together!

Use our missions to prepare for yours.

The Evolution of Houston Escape Room

How it all started

While bed-ridden with the flu in April 2014, founder Ed remembered a Wall Street Journal article that his college buddy had sent him with the note, “haha, for some reason i knew that you'd be really into the idea hehe. Let me know when it opens up.” (January 6, 2014)

The concept of an escape room intrigued Ed as he loves to bring people from all walks of life together – what better way to do it than to stick them into a room together for an hour and make them work together?!
Is Houston Ready?!

Ed rounds up his friends, beta tests his first escape room in his home office where the final step is to light a candle and set off the fire alarm so that he would know to slide you the key under the door…

The feedback that let Ed know that Houston Escape Room would be a hit came from Agent Mo herself – “for one hour, I got to forget about all the stresses of life and just be transported into another world and work on something with my friends.”

After a few weeks, Houston Escape Room became the first escape room in Texas and launched in the 3rd story of a house in the Rice Village with nothing but word-of-mouth marketing and a clue path made mostly from whatever was available in friends’ garages.
The demand for bigger and better!

As word about Houston Escape Room spread, Ed knew he could not handle the facilitating and resetting alone and brought on HER’s first two agents – Agent Dez and Agent PQ. Customer feedback and sales over the next 4 months convinced Ed and wife Elizabeth to move and expand.

With a staff of 4, HER moved downtown into 3,000 sq ft of space to build 3 escape rooms, a new lobby, briefing, conference room, and storage. The new space allowed HER to offer expanded corporate debriefs.

Embracing the Houston Community

Houston Escape Room has hosted quite a number of schools, non-profit organizations, and companies. We’re in the process of aligning our debrief experience with our customers’ values so that we can be integrated into their recruiting, teambuilding, staff appreciation, and holiday traditions.

We’re just getting started.

Escape Rooms are popping up all over the country and more and more are showing up in Houston. Houston Escape Room is about to grow once again as we are adding on more space next door to build 2 more escape rooms. We’ve put together a design team that will be focused on 4 components – Story, Set, Puzzles, and Tech. Our pre-escape room briefing will be more immersive than ever.
We are so excited and thankful to grow in the city of Houston.

Thank you so much for reading.