Episode 1: Mo's Safehouse (4-10 people)

Agent Mo has been captured! We don't know by whom, but we know that they are after a special artifact hidden somewhere inside Agent Mo's safehouse. You and your fellow teammates must solve puzzles in her safehouse to discover the artifact as well as escape. But do so in an hour, otherwise you'll be rendered unconscious by Agent Mo's security system!

Episode 1: Mo's Torture Chamber (Room 1)
Agent Mo, our eccentric agent who likes to collect body parts, has been captured! Before she was captured, she made a remarkable discovery: a new blood type that makes humans invincible! Enter Agent Mo's torture chamber to retrieve the evidence of her discovery before whoever captured her finds it first. But you only have an hour to find the evidence; otherwise, Agent Mo's security system will release a gas that will render you unconscious!

This room is only available October 13th-31st.

Episode 2: Grandma Codebreaker (4-10 people)

When the late Grandma Mo was a child, she discovered a special artifact and hid it to keep it safe. Enter Grandma's home and decipher the codes she left behind in order to discover the artifact's hiding place. But you and your team only have an hour to do that and escape her house before a bulldozer comes and knocks it down, leaving the artifact's location a secret forever.

Episode 2: Grandma's Poltergeist (Room 2)
The Paranormal Investigator Group (or P.I.G.) needs your help. The P.I.G.'s latest client, Grandma Mo, needs to exorcise the spirit of a little girl that is haunting her house. Enter Grandma's house and decipher the ghost's clues to discover how you can get rid of her. But the ghost will only play your game for an hour, after which the spirit will destroy the house with you still inside, leaving you trapped forever.

This room is only available October 13th-31st. *This room is meant to scare you!*

Episode 3: The Scarlet Scam (4-10 people)

Agent Scarlet turns rogue on the agency. The items she stole during a series of security breaches are still missing. Infiltrate Agent Scarlet's hideout and recover as many stolen gems and valuable relics as you can. Unfortunately, you only have one hour to do so before her last line of defense renders all your progress null and void.

Episode 3: The Scarlet Ritual (Room 3)
Hear ye! Hear ye! The evil witch Scarlet is collecting magical artifacts to perform a ritual. Enter Scarlet's lair and steal as many of the artifacts as you can to stop her. Unfortunately, Scarlet has cast her "fire curse" on her hideout, so you only have an hour to escape. If you are still in her lair after the hour, you will be roasted and put into Scarlet's next potion!

This rooms is only available October 13th-31st.

Episode 4: Dark side of the moon (4-11 people)

A few years ago, Janet Monday fulfilled her dream of opening a space-themed bar called Dark Side of the Moon. After finding out that a close colleague at PharmaCo ended up in a coma, Janet has been digging into PharmaCo’s experiments and trying to create an antidote. You and your team only have one hour to retrieve the antidote and escape before PharmaCo’s task force arrives.

What Is An Escape Room? 

An escape room is an exciting, puzzle-solving game in which a group of people attempts to complete a set mission within the prescribed time limit, typically one hour. These missions can range from attempting to find something within the room, such as a map or a piece of information, to simply attempting to unlock the exit door within the hour.

Escape rooms, sometimes called “panic rooms,” “puzzle rooms,” “mystery rooms,” or “room escapes,” began in Japan in 2007 and rapidly gained popularity across the globe. Today it is estimated that more than 2,800 escape rooms currently exist, operated in most major cities. In 2014, the Houston Escape Room was founded as the first escape room in Houston.

As time passes and more escape rooms are built, the rooms themselves have become increasingly modern and sophisticated, tying in more technology, more refined construction, and even custom electronics and circuitry to create increasingly immersive puzzles. The production level of the rooms continues to rise, now approaching the quality of movie sets, with more unique and elaborate rooms than ever.

Escape rooms have also increased in popularity as a team-building exercise. Because they require a team’s cooperation under pressure to solve each puzzle, escape rooms provide entertaining opportunities for a team to practice communication and teamwork. For some, escape rooms also provide a release from daily stresses, allowing the participants to focus entirely on the tasks in the room, unplug from electronics, and ignore external pressures. For many, however, escape rooms are simply an exciting and new activity to participate in with friends and family.