More Madness, More Money


More Madness, More Money

Hey y’all!

All of us at H.E.R. hope you’ve had an exciting new year thus far. However, we’d like to let you know that things are going to get a lot more fun and crazier at H.E.R.! The whole month of March is going to be full of surPRIZES and challenges. One of the things we will be doing in March is raffling tickets to a Houston Rodeo concert! Also, we will be giving away tickets for anyone participating in our March Madness Bracket Challenge. Lastly, throughout the whole month, one of our rooms will host a very special challenge on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The team with the fastest time will be receiving a cash prize!

I’m sure all of you reading this blog are excited to be a part of these challenges and I’m sure you’re wondering why you didn’t find out sooner! Well, if you had joined our newsletter, you would have been the first to find out. But, it’s never too late to join our newsletter. All you have to do to join is visit our Facebook page and click on the hyperlink and fill out the required information.

Speaking of giveaways, we want to thank everyone that signed up for the Couples Challenge that went on all February. The winners will be announced soon. If you were one of the teams that escaped, find out if you were the best!

Until next time y’all.

- Agent Incognito


New Heights in a New Year


New Heights in a New Year

Hello, HER Community. The first month of the new year has come and gone, and we hope that it has done you well.

Unfortunately, we had to bid farewell to one of our longest tenured agents, Agent Majordomo. If you recall from Agent Majordomo's dossier, before landing here at the Houston Escape Room, he was once an astronaut. He has resumed his duties at NASA, and it is bittersweet for us to see him go. While he may have left employment at our agency, his legacy in leading our team as our first manager and in developing our Corporate Team-Building experience (among other feats) will live on.

Did any of you see our Puzzle Flyer out in the wild? We partnered with a few businesses all around Houston to bring you a puzzle outside of our doors. Those that were lucky to solve it did receive a limited edition shirt related to the puzzle itself. If you missed out, keep posted with all that we do because we might do it and other fun things for you all in the near future. 

A new year at HER means new goals, and while I am not at liberty to divulge what exactly we have in store, know that we are working on exciting things to wow you. We are devoting all of our efforts to bringing you novel products that you have never seen in the realm of escape rooms or entertainment experiences in general.

Agent PQ



Miracle on Jackson St.

Seasons Greetings on behalf of the Houston Escape Room!

As we come to a close, we remember all that has happened in 2017. We said goodbyes to Agents as well as welcome to new faces ready to take on missions! We embarked on new missions and have reached out to our community despite Hurricane Harvey trying to bring us down. We successfully donated to the local organization to help those less fortunate. Our family here at the H.E.R. is a small one but one full of support and positivity as we brave new adventures. As neighbors to the World Series Champions, the Houston Astros, it was truly a sight to behold as the streets filled to cheer them on. We found ourselves cheering alongside them. With 2018 just around the corner we hope for more missions, triumphs, and fun for all!

We are extemely excited for what 2018 will bring! 


Agent Widdershins 

December 2017 Blog


Major(domo) Musings: Puzzle Primer, Edition 1


Major(domo) Musings: Puzzle Primer, Edition 1

Hello Fellow and Future Escapers,


This month, instead of a blog topic, I thought it would be a fun idea to challenge you to solve a few puzzles. Often when we’re creating new escape rooms (or in our free time), we come up with puzzles that unfortunately don’t make it into the final product. So today I would like to present you two such puzzles.


If you think you know the answer, comment below. And if you don’t want the answer (possibly) spoiled for you, don’t scroll down to the comment section. You’ve been warned!


Puzzle #1 - A New Perspective


Can you read everything that is written in this image?


Puzzle #2 - How About a Little Space?


These types of codes often have breaks.

Alas! No spaces are in sight.

Six letters is what this line makes-

Find out which to make the code right


International Morse Code Chart:


Check back during next month’s blog post (January 15, 2018) to see the answers.


Until your next mission,

Agent Majordomo



Astro-nomical Festivities

Houston, we have landed!

Congratulations to the Houston Astros and to all their fans! The Houston Astros #EarnedHistory by winning the World Series for the first time in franchise history. All of Houston vibrated with energy of the likes Houston has never seen before. On the day of the parade, we at the Houston Escape Room also joined the festivities by having a unique promotional code that took 50% off your mission with us. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so you won’t miss out on such uh-maze-ing deals!

November also landed! November brought with it many cravings: turkey, pie, mashed potatoes, green beans casserole, and the list goes on and on. However, the most important thing about Thanksgiving is the time we spend together with our loved ones. Here at H.E.R., we love spending time with all our community (thanks to those families that joined us on Black Friday). To show our thanks and appreciation, we had a BOGO (buy one get one) deal. Those of you that subscribed to our newsletter were the first know. If you aren’t subscribed, subscribe to it! You have nothing to lose and much to gain. The best part? It’s completely FREE!

Can you guess what else landed this month? That’s right, Episode 5: The Countdown! However, this new mission landed with a threat and we need YOUR help to stop it. Our new, and latest, mission is up on our website ready to get solved. New and unconquered, be THE agent that will conquer this new mission by setting THE best record. Now wouldn’t that be explosive!

November 2017 will be a month to remember with all the festivities that went on. The Houston Astros won the World Series, we released our 5th Episode, and we at H.E.R. are always one step closer to giving you new and amazing experiences. Stay posted to know what’s going on around here at HQ.

Three strikes and I’m out!

-Agent Striker

November 2017 Blog