Adios Summer

Hello, HER Community. 

I’m happy to announce that we have quite a bit of new and exciting things to share with you all. First and foremost, we recently posted an opportunity through Facebook Live to get a promo code for 20% off. You had to decode what the Agents were saying! Like our Facebook page so you can have a chance to win a promo code to reduce your next booking or free tickets! And while the promo code no longer works, you can click the link and try to figure out what Agents Yeti and Blue were saying. It was tough!  

Second, we have a Customer Spotlight this month. Ladies and Gentlemen… drum roll Put your hands together for… Danielle Fanfair! Shout out to Danielle for blogging about her experience with us. If you are interested in booking with us, check out Danielle’s blog to get a customer’s in-depth experience at the Houston Escape Room.

Third, ¡Tenemos nuestro primer cuarto completamente en español! We currently have our first room, Episode 1: Mo’s Safe House, completely translated into Spanish. We have three of the greatest Agents available to facilitate your Spanish session: Agent Incognito, Agent Widdershins, and Agent Striker. We have recently increased the number of Spanish sessions we have available to book throughout the week, so check out our website to sign up for La Casa De Mo.

Lastly, summer is coming to a close and October is approaching quickly. Three of our escape rooms will be Halloween themed from Friday October 13, 2017 through Tuesday October 31, 2017. They include Episode 1: Mo’s Torture Chamber (Mo’s Safe House); Episode 2: Grandma’s Poltergeist (Grandma Codebreaker); Episode 3: The Scarlet Ritual (The Scarlet Scam). Our Halloween sessions are already open for the public to book, so make sure to book as soon as possible before they all fill up.

Before I sign off, I would like to say a few words regarding the hurricane that hit Texas. It was devastating to see our community flooded and our people in need because of Hurricane Harvey. However, it was amazing to see people come together and offer their services to help the community. From all of us here at HER, we want to thank all of the Coast Guard, Military, Police Officers, Fireman, Rescue Teams, Shelters, First Responders, News Reporters, and all other volunteers from the community. We hope everyone recovers from this disaster better than before. #HoustonStrong

August 2017 Entry

- Agent Blue Heeler



Changes and Other Things that are Also Exciting

Greetings, HER Community. Agent Voxel here.

Many things have transpired at the Houston Escape Room in the full year since I last posted here - not the least of which is having brought on board our cool new Agent in Training. Welcome, newcomer!

Ah, the dog days of summer again - so named because in ancient times the dog star Sirius was prominent in the night sky in August. The seasons have since shifted, as have the common tongues - but the dog days are doggier than ever. So if you want to have fun away from the heat, our escape rooms are a great way to do so. Spoiler alert - you don't even need a towel! And we also had our first "Bring Your Pet To Work Week" where we had a few furry Agents help out. One of them also starred in our latest YouTube video! 

'V' is a great letter to begin your agent name with. It's also Latin for the number 5 - which by crazy coincidence just so happens to be the episode number of our newest room, Episode 5! We expect to be running our alpha testing soon. To find out how and when you and your friends can participate, sign up for our newsletter. 

And we also have had a sheer amount of craziness going on this summer on our social media. The Agents showed their passion for the hot summer movies coming out. Check them out! 

Our skunkworks department have also been hard at work out on the deep seas testing a fun new technology. Super secret stuff. I cannot divulge the true nature of just how much fun it is. We've even been keeping marine mammals away from the vicinity just in case our adversaries have worked out how to communicate with loud-mouthed dolphins. More will be forthcoming when it is ready. 

Stay tuned! 

July 2017 Blog

- Agent Voxel




Summer Time Fine

Wassup, y'all! It’s the Summer, which means more free time to explore and try new things. We at the Houston Escape Room are so excited to see even more faces come through our doors this season! 

As you guys read in last month’s blog, we had several Agents In Training. But now we want to cordially welcome Agent Oculus, Agent X, and Agent Striker to the gang!! Y'all met Agent Blue Heeler already and she's going strong and holding her own with the other Agents. 

This month we also had SEVERAL birthdays. I don’t know what it is about Geminis and escape rooms but we are very happy to have our newest Agent in Training, Agent Obsidian, Agent Voxel, Agent Yeti, the O.G. Agent of the Houston Escape Room Agent Raynor, and Agent Husky Panda!! Happy Birthday to you all! If you happen to get one of them as your facilitator make sure to tell them Happy Birthday month lol.

We would also like to thank all of the amazing fathers who came to challenge themselves in our escape rooms on Father’s Day!

Someone has also been going nuts on our social media. Have you seen the crazy movie poster and videos that have been made lately? I don't think we're through with the silliness yet so stay tuned. 

Thanks to the efforts of the team working on our 5th escape room, the public should be expecting information about beta testing in July!! So make sure to be checking out or website and social media sites to get information on it. Beta testing is always at a discounted rate. We use that opportunity to get feedback and advice straight from our H.E.R community.

Summer is flying by, so make sure you take some time out to enjoy one, or all four of our amazing escape rooms! The challenge awaits you! 


- Agent Ca$h 



Pigs In A Blanket: An Anniversary Tail

Hello H.E.R. Community,

A very important date just passed for our Agency! But more on that in a bit.

Have you seen our Special Events page lately? Because something new has arrived – Special Agent Keys! You can get your hands on a Special Agent Key by ordering one of our Special Agent or Special Agent Plus packages. This key is special in that you can get it cut into a specific fit for personal use. Also, our Special Agent Plus packages are currently on sale for $45 dollars because…

The Houston Escape Room is now three years old! The Agents held an Anniversary Celebration dinner, after which Agents Raynor and Majordomo facilitated a surprise activity they had concocted, and it was a good one! The details about the activity have to remain confidential, but let’s just say the Agents were temporarily locked head-to- head in an imaginary battle over rough waters. Overall, the Agents were excited to spend some time together eating like piggies, being merry, and remembering all the missions we had been on in the past three years.

It’s not all reminiscing at the H.E.R. Agency, however. We’re currently preparing ourselves for the upcoming summer months. The summer season is the time when more of you from the H.E.R. Community will be coming in to attempt our missions. I highly recommend buying your tickets soon because they will be going fast. You can see our summer schedule as well as book on our website. I also recommend checking out the Minute Maid Park schedule to see if your mission will be running at the same time as an event there. If so, make sure to come early to you mission to find good parking!

I'm sure by now you know that the H.E.R. Agency is always looking to recruit the best and brightest Agents in the field. Our newest recruit is Agent Blue Heeler. She's a fan of dogs and cookies. She looks forward to leading you in your missions. We also have a few more Agents In Training. Lots of fresh faces her at the HQ. 

Finally, I’d like to let you know a fun fact about my first day as an Agent, three years ago. I was on a mission with my team when I was supposed to remind them of the time they had remaining before a knockout gas filled the room. Instead of saying “45 minutes remaining”, I said “45 missions remaining.” I was so embarrassed that I became “Agent Red” from blushing!

Until next time, 

HER Blog May 2017

Agent Blue



It’s Almost Time

Salutations, HER Community.

As you may have heard, Agent Yeti, Agent Chisel, Agent Gig, and I have been working diligently these past two months to bring you the latest and greatest room. As you may gather, it is no easy task making an escape room. This room is intended for 2-5 people instead of the normal 4-10 but, let me tell you, that doesn’t make the design process any easier. We will begin testing the room within the next few weeks, which is very exciting. If you are interested in Beta testing a room for us please sign up for our newsletter.

In other news, we have nabbed us a couple of Agents In Training. It is always good to hear we will have more support in the field. I suspect next month’s blog will announce our newest agent inductees.

We also broke our record for the most Spanish sessions held this month. Please make sure to let your Spanish speaking friends and family know about our Spanish sessions. We would love to break out record again! 

This month, several free tickets were given to customers who checked into Yelp and signed up for out newsletter. If you would like to keep up with all the new stuff going on with Houston Escape Room and receive notifications out about our giveaways and promotions, please sign up for our newsletter. 

And to cap things off, we had our first gender reveal! What, did you not know we do things like that? We've done pregnancy reveals and surprise wedding proposals in the past. It was awesome to be able to host a gender reveal for the first time. You can set a special mission for someone special in your life by checking our Special Events page.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to praise the sun.

April 2017 Blog

- Agent Solaire