Pigs In A Blanket: An Anniversary Tail

Hello H.E.R. Community,

A very important date just passed for our Agency! But more on that in a bit.

Have you seen our Special Events page lately? Because something new has arrived – Special Agent Keys! You can get your hands on a Special Agent Key by ordering one of our Special Agent or Special Agent Plus packages. This key is special in that you can get it cut into a specific fit for personal use. Also, our Special Agent Plus packages are currently on sale for $45 dollars because…

The Houston Escape Room is now three years old! The Agents held an Anniversary Celebration dinner, after which Agents Raynor and Majordomo facilitated a surprise activity they had concocted, and it was a good one! The details about the activity have to remain confidential, but let’s just say the Agents were temporarily locked head-to- head in an imaginary battle over rough waters. Overall, the Agents were excited to spend some time together eating like piggies, being merry, and remembering all the missions we had been on in the past three years.

It’s not all reminiscing at the H.E.R. Agency, however. We’re currently preparing ourselves for the upcoming summer months. The summer season is the time when more of you from the H.E.R. Community will be coming in to attempt our missions. I highly recommend buying your tickets soon because they will be going fast. You can see our summer schedule as well as book on our website. I also recommend checking out the Minute Maid Park schedule to see if your mission will be running at the same time as an event there. If so, make sure to come early to you mission to find good parking!

I'm sure by now you know that the H.E.R. Agency is always looking to recruit the best and brightest Agents in the field. Our newest recruit is Agent Blue Heeler. She's a fan of dogs and cookies. She looks forward to leading you in your missions. We also have a few more Agents In Training. Lots of fresh faces her at the HQ. 

Finally, I’d like to let you know a fun fact about my first day as an Agent, three years ago. I was on a mission with my team when I was supposed to remind them of the time they had remaining before a knockout gas filled the room. Instead of saying “45 minutes remaining”, I said “45 missions remaining.” I was so embarrassed that I became “Agent Red” from blushing!

Until next time, 

HER Blog May 2017

Agent Blue



It’s Almost Time

Salutations, HER Community.

As you may have heard, Agent Yeti, Agent Chisel, Agent Gig, and I have been working diligently these past two months to bring you the latest and greatest room. As you may gather, it is no easy task making an escape room. This room is intended for 2-5 people instead of the normal 4-10 but, let me tell you, that doesn’t make the design process any easier. We will begin testing the room within the next few weeks, which is very exciting. If you are interested in Beta testing a room for us please sign up for our newsletter.

In other news, we have nabbed us a couple of Agents In Training. It is always good to hear we will have more support in the field. I suspect next month’s blog will announce our newest agent inductees.

We also broke our record for the most Spanish sessions held this month. Please make sure to let your Spanish speaking friends and family know about our Spanish sessions. We would love to break out record again! 

This month, several free tickets were given to customers who checked into Yelp and signed up for out newsletter. If you would like to keep up with all the new stuff going on with Houston Escape Room and receive notifications out about our giveaways and promotions, please sign up for our newsletter. 

And to cap things off, we had our first gender reveal! What, did you not know we do things like that? We've done pregnancy reveals and surprise wedding proposals in the past. It was awesome to be able to host a gender reveal for the first time. You can set a special mission for someone special in your life by checking our Special Events page.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to praise the sun.

April 2017 Blog

- Agent Solaire



The Madness of March

Hello, HER Community. 


Did you enjoy your Spring Break? We enjoyed having more of you come to our Houston Escape Room headquarters. The missions are as challenging as ever and we'll have more to offer you soon. 


One thing we really pushed this month was our Spanish sessions. If you never knew, we have a version of Mo's Safehouse that is completely in Spanish. We even had a family come through and give their thoughts about it, which you can watch here. And to show that we really want you to experience, we dedicated our latest Facebook Live to it. If you haven't seen that, you missed out on the Agents playing Macho Nacho. It was hilarious. 


It was mentioned last month, but our latest escape room is still under construction. Agent Solaire, Chisel, Gig, and Yeti are cooking up something really good for you all. Get excited. 


New rooms means we need more Agents to help run these missions. Yes, we are hiring! If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming an elite Agent at the Houston Escape Room, please apply. Join our crew of mischievous misfits. 


While we give you monthly updates on what has gone on via this blog, we have a newsletter! If you sign up for it, not only will you be kept up to date on the latest things going on at HER, but you will be the first to know about beta testing our newest escape rooms, know when new rooms launch, and if we have any specials or deals going on. Sign up today for all of the confidential information.  


And I will end this blog entry to let you know that our Agent Pow-Poper will be going away on another special mission. If you ever had him as your facilitator, I'm sure you'll remember his smile and that he made sure you left with a smile on your face. See you later, Agent Pow-Poper.   

- Agent 768-76737 



February 2017 Updates!

Houston Escape Room Community!

Agent Raynor, the one who started the HER Agency here. It’s been a while, but I have lots of news to report – missions we’ve been on recently, allies we’ve picked up, and new projects we’re embarking on.

Mission Completed:

1.       Let’s start out with some Valentine’s Day love. A few gentlemen picked up some nice brownie points with their ladies by bringing them to Mo’s Safehouse which was decked out for the special occasion. Special thanks to Agent Obsidian for sprinkling the rooms with love dust. And thanks to Agent Widdershins and Agent Ca$h for joining Agent Obsidian in playing cupid. Special thanks to Agent Ocean for starring in our Valentine's video. 

And did you take advantage of our ValentineMission deal we had going on all throughout the month of February? A lot of you did and we're thankful for that. Stay tuned to all of our social media outlets because we're not through with giveaways and deals yet. 

2.       Houston Escape Room was an exhibitor at the GoGames360 convention in the Woodlands. Props to Agent Chisel, Agent Gig, and the rest of our crew for building our first ever Puzzle Booth! Also, a big thanks to all of the gamers at the convention for keeping our agents busy for the entire day on Saturday.


The Aloft Hotel and Westin Downtown are two hotels that we’re building a stronger partnership with. If you’re ever looking to do a staycation or have friends visiting who want to challenge the Houston Escape Room, they have shuttles that will drop you off and pick you up after your escape!

New Mission for smaller teams:

Agent Yeti, Solaire, and Chisel are leading our team in designing our new escape room for teams of 2-5. Those who want to bring their smaller elite squad will have a chance to take on the mysterious Lester…

That's it from me. 


- Agent Raynor out.  




Secret Menu

Hi, HER Community. 

It's a new year and the Houston Escape Room has some fun things to share with you! 

Dark Side of the Moon
This is our new escape room
A trailer? Click here

This room is definitely my favorite room hands down. It was not easy getting it up and running but thanks to Agent Chisel, Agent Gig, and the everyone else involved, Episode 4 is open to the public for booking! If you happen to see them when you come by, give them a high five.

Special Occasion? 
We host special events now

Below, more info! 

Yes! I know you all have been waiting patiently for this to finally come, but wait no more! If you or someone you know is having a birthday coming up you can request to make them a Special Agent! This will includes a lot of cool stuff like: one extra hint card, one t-shirt, and also an optional gift that they’ll have to find in the room. We offer many more cool things as well. To see what else we do for special occasions click here for all the information about Special Events.

If you need some help
No sweat, we have what you need
Unlimited hints. 

Agent Solaire has thought of an amazing idea of giving private teams the option of playing our escape rooms in Casual Mode. Rather than the standard hint card system that is currently in place, your facilitator may ask your team if you would like to play the game in Casual Mode. This mode allows your team to ask for as many clues as you’d like without the need of a hint card.  

Think of this post as the secret menu at a restaurant. 

In need of a gift? 
Want to know what it looks like? 
Look down for a glimpse! 



See you around, 

Agent Powpoper